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The Romana bed and breakfastSu Padru” is located in the Roman and offers to its guests 3 bedrooms , two bathrooms and a breakfast room.

Romana is a typical village of Sardinia a few kilometers from Alghero. Located 267 meters above sea level, covers an area of 21.63 km square. Its territory is mostly flat and the country sits on a large volcanic basement. The surrounding land is made up of rock types of different origin and age. Romana is rich in history and monuments such as the famous church built into the rock of St. Lussorio which is celebrated on August 21 with a big party that involves the whole village and the surrounding area with dancing, singing and religious rites.

To reach us

From Alghero take the scenic route to Villanova Monteleone 30 km away, or take the road to Ittiri 40 km away.


B&B “Su Padru” in Romana of Pierpaolo and Vanna

Via Papa Roncalli 57
Tel: +39 079 925100

Romana Bed and Breakfast